See our COVID Safe Plan for details of what to expect at Sunday church meetings and weekly ministries.

If you cannot attend in-person, join us via Live Stream.

Sunday Church Meetings:

10:00 am – International Church

Our 10am meeting is Live Streamed.

For more information about what to expect on any given Sunday - About Us. Or scroll down for more details of our Sunday meetings.

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10am - International Church

10am is our International meeting, with a program for youth and children.

  • Note that during COVID-19, some of our regular practises have changed. The may be some differences.
  • Dress code is neat-casual, but varied - some prefer more formal attire, and others very casual.
  • People attend from all ages and stages of life - from babies to teenagers, young adults to retirees.
  • You do not need to be a believer or identify as Christian to attend.
  • You can sit anywhere. Space is available for prams and walkers.
  • English is the main language, but sometimes we read the Bible and/or pray in languages such as Tamil or Dinka.
  • There is a crèche and cry-room for toddlers and pre-schoolers (the audio of the service is broadcast into the cry-room).
  • An age-appropriate learning program runs for kids in primary school called "Kids for Jesus".
  • The Youth program, "Reaching Out for Christ’s Kingdom" (ROCK) runs alongside the 10am service.
  • Everyone (including kids and youth) start in the service together. There is a Kid’s Talk before the children and young people go to their programs.
  • Morning tea is served in the courtyard after the main service.
  • Please stay and join us for something to eat. We would love to meet you!
10am International Church